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Ventures in the News – August 19, 2022

With 100+ Ventures in 5 countries, we are rounding up the news every 2 weeks to share what’s happening. Engage, share + follow using the hashtag #RadicalGenerosity to amplify.

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New Zealand

  • Hello Period has launched LUBE, a “gorgeously silky water-based lube” that is “the perfect pal for newbies apprehensive about inserting period products for the first time.”
  • Supie has raised NZ$3.9 million in its latest funding round through Snowball Effect, after raising the cap due to overwhelming interest. “We are humbled by the support from kiwi investors. From what started as an ambitious idea back in 2018 is now a reality and it’s incredible to see everyday kiwis aligning with our mission and coming on the journey with us,” said founder Sarah Balle.
  • Nisa founder Elisha Watson reflected on her decision to start a business instead of a charity, with a social focus on helping migrant and refugee women into work.

United Kingdom

United States

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