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Ventures in the News – January 7, 2022

With 100+ Ventures in 5 countries, we are rounding up the news every 2 weeks to share what’s happening. Engage, share + follow using the hashtag #SheEOmagic to amplify.

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New Zealand

  • BDÉT founder Billie Jo Hohepa-Ropiha joined other Māori producers and suppliers in supporting the creation of a new supermarket chain. “Having Māori-owned and run grocery businesses is a necessary part of ensuring Māori are reflected as true partners of Te Tiriti o Waitangi,” she said.
  • Chia Sisters founders Florence Van Dyke and Chloe Van Dyke were included in Stuff’s 2021 recap. “This dynamic duo are leading lights in a new generation of well-educated, smart entrepreneurs as New Zealand embraces environmental sustainability in its food and beverage production.”
  • Goodbye founder Becky Cashman spoke with NZ Herald about her company and its flagship product Sandfly, which “accounts for 14% of total personal repellent product sales in NZ supermarkets.”

United Kingdom

United States

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