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Ventures in the News – September 16, 2022

With 100+ Ventures in 5 countries, we are rounding up the news every 2 weeks to share what’s happening. Engage, share + follow using the hashtag #RadicalGenerosity to amplify.

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  • World’s Biggest Garage Sale is now Circonomy! “A world where nothing good goes to waste, including human potential.”
  • Morningside News shared Circonomy’s message encouraging locals to “repurpose with a purpose” in order to maximise the country’s circular economy.
  • Circonomy was also featured in a piece by EPIC Assist (EPIC), a not-for-profit that specialises in helping people with a disability, injury, mental health condition, or health condition find and maintain meaningful employment.
  • Sharon Winsor of Indigiearth has written a book celebrating native foods, recipes, and traditional knowledge. Pre-order now to receive it as part of their limited print run.
  • Indigiearth team member Maliyan represented the company at this year’s FHA food and beverage expo.
  • Explore an innovative feature where Trenna Probert of Super Fierce shares the reality of the gender gap. “There are very small things that can be done that will make an impact on how women feel as valued members of society.”


  • Ilana Ben-Ari of Twenty-One Toys appeared on an episode of Wild Business Growth podcast to share her journey from playing with abstract toys as a kid to bringing the transformative power of play into thousands of schools and offices around the world.
  • The Alinker was featured in The Daily Moss, highlighting that it improves mobility for seniors with Parkinson’s. “Alinker believes that disabilities are part of the human journey, and should be treated with respect and compassion.”
  • Concussion technology from NeuroFlex is being trialled at a rehabilitation centre for injured jockeys in a bid to better protect riders.
  • ThinkDirty was featured in Drug Store News as a tool to help customers understand how clean the ingredients are in beauty, baby and kids, wellness, and household products.
  • Wiz Kid Learning founder Kyla Bolden was featured in Yahoo News as one of the recipients of this year’s Google for Startups Black Founders Fund.
  • Vanessa Marshall of Jack59 joins Global News to share the next phase of development for her company, and showcase her line of products that are perfect for the conscious consumer.
  • Jack59 was featured in Alberta Prime Times. The piece covers the growth of the business, social impact initiatives, and Vanessa’s participation in the Pow Wow Pitch. “Instead of being competitive, we network—we do things differently. And we lift up those whose lives we impact.”
  • Skwalwen Botanicals and Satya Organic were featured in a list of 20 Indigenous Fashion and Beauty Brands you need to know.

New Zealand

United Kingdom

  • BCP Council wrote about their partnership with City to Sea to set up 150 water refill points along the seafront at the Platinum Jubilee Bournemouth Air Festival.

United States

  • Loliware’s work to advance seaweed as the next alternative to plastic was featured in WasteDive. “We’re not a novelty but a sustainable solution, a long-term solution,” said Victoria Piunova, CTO at Loliware.
  • COI Energy was featured in NYSE Floor Talk. Founder SaLisa Berrien said that she learned how to make a dollar out of $0.15 from her grandparents, which helped COI Energy thrive during and beyond the pandemic.
  • Sonja Ebron and Debra Sloan of Courtroom5 started a podcast titled, “Who Wrote That Up For You?”, which shines a light on the American justice system and its role in empowering the powerful to take from us.

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