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Ventures in the News – September 30, 2022

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New Zealand

  • Supie has teamed up with MenuAid to offer meal “bundles” designed to feed a family of four for $30. The businesses said it would give shoppers the chance to support small and local retailers, and save money on their grocery shopping.
  • As a nod to Aotearoa, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wore a black feathered kākahu (traditional Māori cloak) to the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, custom-made by designer Kiri Nathan. Speaking to 1News, Ardern acknowledged the traditional Māori cloak brought a “piece of New Zealand” to the grand proceedings.
  • AWWA and Chia Sisters were recognized at the 2022 Best of Natural Awards, Aotearoa’s largest awards in natural health, beauty and eco-living.
  • Nisa is celebrating its fifth birthday with the release of their popular briefs in playful shades and combinations that they’re describing as “guava and boysenberry, pineapple and dragonfruit, and raspberry and tangerine”.

United Kingdom

United States

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