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Walking Through Fear to Build a Business with Kai Frazier, KaiXR

“You’re going to have to learn to move in fear. When you can move in fear, it’s called bravery. So you’re not supposed to be fearless, all you have to do is be brave.” Kai Frazier, Founder of KaiXR

What happens when you choose to be bold? In this episode, Kai Frazier, Founder of KaiXR, a kid-friendly virtual reality platform where kids can explore, dream, and create, shares why an educational VR company can serve students through representation and accessibility and make those values a priority.

After realizing she needed to dream bigger, she decided to make changes in her life which propelled her to dream bigger, for herself and KaiXR.

In this episode:

  • How few resources affect students in the classroom and at home, and how KaiXR changes that stigma.
  • The importance of an educational VR company.
  • The value of representation and accessibility in VR.
  • Why letting go can move you forward and be bold to think bigger.
  • How different environments influence how you act.
  • Only 0.2% of black women get VC funding; how you need to be radically different to get funding.
  • Scary, but exciting; taking baby steps toward your dreams.

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Podcast Overview

“So what I’ve had to learn is you’re going to have to learn to move in fear, and when you can move in fear, it’s called bravery. You’re not supposed to be fearless, all you have to do is be brave. You have to take a baby step, every other day, and all those baby steps add up. Before you know it, you’re so far ahead of everybody because most people never take any steps towards their dreams. As an entrepreneur, if you start operating in that scary but exciting lane, you’re exactly where you should be.” – Kai Frazier, founder & CEO of KaiXR. 

KaiXR is a kid-friendly Virtual Reality (VR) platform where kids can explore, dream and create. Kai Frazier, the founder, had no intention of starting her own company, she was going to be a teacher, until the day she died.  This changed when she got into the classroom with such few resources, and saw how much it was affecting her students. 

When tech came into the classroom, everyone thought it was going to close the education gap. What it really did was widen it even more. The kids who had the resources got the best tech and at Kai’s school they were still sharing a laptop cart that came around once a week, and you would hope that they were working or charged.  It was evident that these really smart kids were not getting the opportunities they needed to be successful.

She had a decision to make – either keep doing what you’re doing, or be a part of making some type of change.

She wasn’t sure what that change would look like, at first. 

While Kai worked at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, she met courageous survivors from the Rwandan Genocide.  She heard their stories about taking risks. One Rwandan refugee shared that all she needed for survival was one seed. She knew if she had just one seed, she could grow food and would survive. This struck Kai – you don’t need anything, you can start right now. So she decided she was gonna sell her house, her car, everything she owned, and moved across the country to Silicon Valley.

Kai had only seen one VR headset before this, but she knew she could make educational content for students who couldn’t afford to travel or go on school field trips. 

Now KaiXR is a kid-friendly platform where kids can go on VR field trips and they can create their very own VR experiences. One of the big things about KaiXR is there’s no app to download, there is no software you have to buy. You simply go to the website and you start right there. KaiXR is making accessible, relevant content that reflects a more diverse society, telling stories that you don’t necessarily see in the history books. 

We invite you to learn more about the amazing story of KaiXR through the podcast, website and support the crowdfunding campaign.


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