Meet this year’s Coralus Ventures in Canada, the US, and the UK and learn about their work on the World’s To-Do List.

What It Means to Lead Like A SheEO

At this point in the world, we do not have a moment to waste.  

Every one of Ventures we support at SheEO is working on what we call “The World’s To-Do List”. This is what women do with their leadership.

Sustainable Development Goals are The World's To Do List

And it’s not just what they’re doing; it’s how they’re doing it.

Environex in Australia collects waste from businesses and farmers — which reduces the waste going to landfills — and then peletizes it and sells it to manufacturers for use in second-life products.

Solstice in the US creates community-owned solar plants that increase the supply of clean energy, reduce the utilities bills for its members, and sells excess energy back into the grid.

CMNGD (Common Good) is a commercial laundry in Canada that creates paths to employment for people experiencing homelessness, pays a living wage, and uses waste from its client restaurants to heat the water used to wash the clothes.

The Better Package Co in New Zealand aims to eliminate the need for single-use plastic packaging — and just one year in, they’ve replaced one million traditional plastic courier envelopes with their sustainable alternatives.

BioCellection in the US recycles materials too dirty for traditional recycling processes, uses a chemical process to turn them into compounds. Their client manufacturers no longer have to source from Big Petroleum companies, reducing our collective demand for fossil fuels.

Go-Go Events is an event-staffing organization in Australia that creates paid work and pathways to employment for people who are at risk of experiencing homelessness.

World’s Biggest Garage Sale in Australia has a technology platform that enables communities to come together to hold large-scale garage sales that convert unwanted items into cash for donation to non-profits – and keeps those items out of the landfill.

And that’s just a handful of examples of Ventures that SheEO Activators voted to fund and support. Right now there are 53 systems-changing, women-led Ventures in the SheEO portfolio, with new countries and more women-led Ventures being added each year.

These entrepreneurs are each running their businesses in a different way. They’re solving complex social problems and solving for the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Their business models include practices like paying living wages, hiring inclusively, sourcing from women-owned suppliers, using clean energy, and reducing environmental waste.

That is how women do entrepreneurship; for the common good and to effect lasting, systemic change that builds connective tissue and strengthens our communities.

Together, we’re here to rethink everything and redesign our world for everyone — not just men, not just women, but everybody.

That’s what it means to lead like a SheEO.

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