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Where is our capital going? With Suzanne Biegel – UK Activator

“We must. It’s not an option. We must be looking at where our capital is going if we really believe in the things that we say that we believe in.” – Suzanne Biegel, Founder of Catalyst at Large, Co-Founder of GenderSmart Investing, and SheEO Activator

In this episode

How do we make sure capital is used in ways that will generate the most impact, and to ensure that it reaches the entrepreneurs and innovators who need it in the most efficient way possible?

Learn about forging catalytic relationships, build collaboratives, and transform the entire system of global capital with SheEO activator Suzanne Biegel. She is a global leader who is a passionate and committed catalyst for connecting people and capital with ideas and projects that improve the lives of women and girls that recognize the power of gender equity, parity and make the world a better place for everybody.

Vicki and Suzanne discuss:

  • How impact investing started before the term was coined.
  • How foundations want to create social change, yet their capital is doing the opposite in the market.
  • Growing types of diverse capital for gender smart investing and initiatives.
  • The significance of shifting power in finance systems.
  • The power of persistence by using our influence.
  • The need for a significant shift in helping only white women.
  • Why collaboration drives change.
  • The importance of the intersectional lens of climate, gender, and social justice.

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Podcast Transcript:

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Welcome to SheEO dot world, a podcast about redesigning the world. I’m your host, Vicki Saunders. In each episode, you’ll hear from SheEO Venture founders, women who are working on the World’s To-Do list. These innovative business leaders are solving some of the major challenges of our time. Please sit back and be prepared to be inspired.


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